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A visit from our US IP partner, Leason Ellis Law Firm!

scanning:63 time:2017-12-06

At the end of 2017, we warmly welcomes our partners from Leason Ellis, a law firm in the US that specializes on intellectual property (IP), Dr. Melvin C. Garner and Mr. Jordan Garner. We discussed changes that will occur to the USPTO in 2018 and how we can collaborate on further protecting our IP rights.

Mr. Jordan Garner showed us how a APP’s user interface can now be patented under the US’s design patent law; APP’s animation can also be design patented to offer broader protection against other software design.

Dr. Melvin Garner illustrated the USPTO’s newest pricing policy, some of the fees will increase due to increased costs. Also, in the next 4 years, the USPTO is planning to increase its efficiency in order to shorten the waiting period.

The overall meeting was productive and informative, and we look forward to have more collaboration with them in the upcoming years!

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