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Touch-Dimmable Magic Light Bar

Product recommend
  • MR11-301A, MGU10-2604, MGU10-304/D
  • TLE-151
  • SG120-M1006
  • FFL/B-25W
  • SKIT-3135
  • OL-78, OL-118
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Touch-Dimmable Magic Light Bar


100-240V / 5V

5W 450lm

- A brand new and amazing design, this “AtWill” MagicBarTM is a multi-purpose light that can serve as a desk lamp, wall sconce, hung on a tree branch, hand lamp and etc., just At You Will

- Built-in touch dimming switch for On/Off and dimming with brightness level memory

- Powered by a smart phone charger or a power bank

- Option: built-in rechargeable battery for 2-hour operation